Wednesday, June 16, 2010


After looking at my last post and how long it's been since I've last blogged, it's safe to say I got a little too caught up in life in Costa Rica and then back at home to have time to blog.
Costa Rica was absolutely amazing though. I still miss my host families and the ISV ticos. Got an email from my host family yesterday actually!! It was all in spanish so I had to get Anni to translate it but nevertheless it was such a beautiful email.

'Hi Julia,
This email is to say hello, hoping you're well. We are very keen to see you again.
We still remember the time that you spent here with us and ("de lo especial que fuistes con todos...something like "how special you were with everyone?")
We are very happy to write to you, we haven't written before now because we had lost your address.
We hope that you will come back and visit, since you are, for us, like a member of our own family and the doors of our house will always be open to you when you would like to come.
Yeison still remembers you, when he went with you to see the rabbits. He tells us that the white rabbit that you liked very much has had 10 baby rabbits which look really beautiful – they are all white like their mother.
Greetings from everyone,
Goodbye, with lots of affection from your tico family in Providencia.
We love you very much.'

I wish I had time to take more spanish lessons and actually converse with them. After being back for a good 4 months now it really surprised me how much I miss Costa Rica and just travelling in general - though the latter is easily fixed...EUROPE IN 9 DAYS haha. Just gotta get through exams first :S

Hasta leugo!

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